ACA sensitize stakeholders on counterfeit matters

Stakeholders forum in one of the hotels being sensitized on counterfeit matters

ACA sensitize stakeholders on counterfeit matters

Anti counterfeit Agency (ACA) has taken stakeholders from various business departments in Nandi County through a sensitization forum on matters relating to counterfeiting vice.

The stakeholders drawn from the county government of Nandi, ministry of education, chamber of commerce and the national government converged together in one of the hotels in Kapsabet for the sensitization forum.

The forum was conducted by officials from the Anti counterfeit Agency, KEPHIS and Kenya Seed companies.

The purpose of the forum was sharing ideas on how to end the counterfeit menace that has been a National disaster to this country.

A facilitator from Anti counterfeit Agency taking the stake holders through a sensitization forum

Addressing the stakeholders, Eldoret branch regional head officer for Anti counterfeit Agency Yusuf Osman said the role of the agency is to sensitize the public on counterfeit matters, enforce the anti counterfeit Act 2008 to combat trade in counterfeits and eliminate trade in counterfeits in the country in collaboration with relevant national, regional and the international organizations.

Osman said counterfeiting is illegal and is a vice that should be curbed urging the residents of Nandi to report to the respective authority any suspicion of this menace so as the culprits are brought to book.

He said counterfeit goods are fast moving consumer goods in nature and have a brand reputation in terms of tested quality and would make good margins to counterfeiters.

They include goods such as food and alcoholic beverages, drugs and medicine, cigarettes, soaps and detergents, batteries, pens and branded stationery, electrical and electronic equipments, vehicles and motor-vehicle spare parts, cosmetics and hair products, seed and fertilizers, soft ware and artistic work and shoe polish.

“Due to counterfeiting, companies sell less, they directly lose their market share, have low or no profits, invest less leading to layoff of employees.” Osman said.

He added that counterfeiting creates an economic environment that attracts neither foreign nor domestic investments that can generate employment in future.

“The available jobs in counterfeiting are clandestine and criminal in nature.” He posed.