ACK Kitale Diocese leadership wrangles cause division

The church members launching the ACK Kapenguria diocese
The church members launching the ACK Kapenguria diocese

The Anglican Church Kitale Diocese has split following leadership wrangles among the church members as more than ten thousand ACK church attendants from West Pokot County declared their breakaway from the ACK Kitale Diocese.

The church attendants drawn from across the four Sub Counties in the County officially launched the Kapenguria Diocese which shall directly link with the ACK province under the ACK Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit.

The wrangles, which have been brewing in the church for two years have now escalated and have brought divisions and paralyzed activities within the ACK Kitale Diocese.

Speaking at St. Stephen Siyoi ACK Church, one disgruntled faction led by an elder, Daniel Lopuriang, which disputed the creation of the purported Kapenguria Bishopric area said that it does not recognize the consecration of Ven. Samson N. Tuliapus as the suffragan, claiming he has integrity issues.

They faulted the Kitale Diocese Bishop Rt. Rev Stephen Kewasis for bad leadership, and ignoring their grievances, proceeding to consecrate the suffragan Bishop December last year at the ACK St. Johns Church Chepareria which was presided over by the Arch Bishop Jackson Ole Sapit.

They faulted Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit for not respecting the rule of law.
“We are not part of what took place at St. John Church in Chepareria. ACK church is now divided into two. He did not listen to the voices of Christians,” said Lopuriang.

They accused the Church leaders of misleading the Archbishop adding that efforts to voice their grievances have hit a snag.

The Christians who supported the proposed Diocese instituted the secretariat to run the proposed diocesan activities. They said that they have the required labour, financial resources and capability to run affairs of the church and have taken charge because they don’t trust with the area Bishop. “We are their employers and we are the final voice. We have taken this direction because the Bishops are confused,” said Isaack Makaliko, the new Secretary of Kapenguria Diocese.

They vowed not to continue engaging in activities under the Kitale Diocese faulting the area Bishop Stephen Kewasis for threatening 8 church members and demanding they apologize within 7 days, refrain from the actions that violate the cannons and articles of the ACK Church Constitution or be excommunicated from the Church.

In an official letter seen by the media, Bishop Kewasis who will retire in  August after serving for 25 years accused the eight members of attending and facilitating illegal and unlawful church services, collecting money, and uttering words that cause division. Moreover, Kitale Bishop Stephen Kewasis said that the process is unconstitutional according to the Anglican Church.