Women urged to be involved in land issues

LDGI chairman Ibrahim Mwathane during the launch of the 'Large Scale Land Acquisition for Investments in Kenya' study.

The Land Development Governance Institute together with the National Land Commission has issued a report on their three-year research about land, promotion of equitable access and sustainable management of land and natural resources.

The track implementation of land reforms to provide information on policy and land administrations creates avenues for effective public participation and builds the capacity of different stakeholders.Research reveals that there is limited of knowledge about land laws, policies, and land administration process.

Research reveals that there is limited of knowledge about land laws, policies, and land administration process.

Speaking at the meeting the Vice Chair of National Land Commission Abigael says communities should take time and read the report since they lack knowledge of the specific details of LAPPSET projects.

The communities indicated that they would want to have some form of civic education. One key finding is the preference by the community to have their own members trained in order to pass the knowledge to their communities.

Women should be allowed to voice and intervene in the community decision makings; for instance in discussions with the Aweer group in Bargoni, Lamu, some women participants in focus group discussions were very active and made crucial contributions.

Enhanced community participation can provide a valuable avenue through which affected local communities can enhance their voice by having their opinions taken into considerations.

Land system should be well-governed said Lands PS Mariamu El Maawy, we need to order ourselves and understand that land is a resource which should not be fought for but nurtured for the development of the country.

Land creates job opportunities for so many of Kenyans of which it has a long term and short term values to the society. We should create a symbiotic relationship between the communities and land investor the untapped opportunities which should be utilized.