Administration police post opened in Sitikho ward

It was opened at Bukholi market,

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Webuye west MP Dan Wanyama and Ambassador Simon Nabukwesi

A new administration Police Post has been opened at Bukholi market of Sitikho ward, Webuye West Constituency in Bungoma County as one way of promoting security of the region.

The ceremony was presided over by the Webuye West Constituency MP Dan Wanyama Sitati who officially launched the opening of the new Police Post.

The MP assured residents of security saying the presence of a police post in the area will ensure immediate and quick service to the residents whenever need arises adding that it is a step to curbing insecurity cases in the region.

“Now that we have an AP post here, you will not be worried of your security, the straining that you have been going through looking for police officers when insecurity cases occurs will not be there anymore,” he asserted

He warned the people who have been involving themselves in insecurity cases to stop the vice saying the security agents will be on lookout for them and those found will face the law accordingly.

On education

Hon. Dan Wanyama during the opening of the police post

The legislature urged parents to educate their children fully stating that it is the only way that can help eradicate poverty.

“As a leader of this region, I would like to thank parents because they support education, every time I am called to attend any function here I realize parents turn up in large numbers; I pray that you continue with the same spirit since it is a clear indication that you support education” Wanyama said.

He said that it is better for parents to support the board of governors for schools and leadership of the school so as to create conducive environment for children to get proper education.

The MP said that education is the key to success and for any society to prosper it must invest fully in education.

“When you invest in your child’s education be assured that you have given him/ her the key to a better life in future,” he stated.

Other leaders present at the function lauded the government’s initiative to open the administration police post at the Bukholi market saying it will indeed help in the war against insecurity which will promote development.