African Fall Army worm infestation in Trans Nzoia

Kwanza MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi
Kwanza MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi

Food production in Trans Nzoia County might be hampered due to outbreak of African Fall Army worm in the County with locals asked to report cases of the pest in their respective areas in order for the County government to eradicate them.

Speaking in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County CEC for Agriculture Mary Dzomo said that the pest causes a lot of damage to not only maize crop but other crops which include fodder claiming it feeds on all the crops until its complete as opposed to Fall Army worm which its destruction is 30-40 percent.

The CEC disclosed areas that the pest has infected including Namgoi, Kimaran, Chepsiro-Kiptoror,Sirende, Olgatongo, and KALRO and that its effects are being felt in such areas as the pest has affected several food crops grown in the areas.

The CEC however explained confidence of controlling the pest as the County has already procured pesticides for the control of the pest within the County as 3266 liters have been procured and will be distributed in all Sub Counties for control of the pest stating that the government is ready to work together in controlling the pest.

The County Agriculture Chief however has appealed to the national government to work together with her administration in eradicating the pest that has enormous negative effects to the farmer stating that the County has 105 hectares of farms that are under maize which gives the country approximately 6 million bags of maize yearly.

African Fall Army worm
African Fall Army worm

Her sentiments were echoed by Kwanza MP who is also a member in the Agriculture Committee in the National Assembly, Ferdinand Wanyonyi who stated that most of the farms especially around his residents have been affected calling upon locals to work together with county government in eradicating the pest that has far reaching effects to the farmer.

Wanyonyi however appealed to the County government to procure enough pesticides for the control of worms that can be used to control the pest in their farms which will also boost the agricultural produce.