Agro Z Company unleashes technology of storing grains

Agro Z bag Technology
The Agro Z bag on displayed during a past Agro Z bag awareness day in Bungoma

Agro Z Company unleashes technology of storing grains

By Victoriah Sindani

The Agro Z bag on displayed during a past Agro Z bag awareness day in Bungoma
The Agro Z bag on displayed during a past Agro Z bag awareness day in Bungoma

Majority of farmers seem not prepared when harvesting season reaches, I mean not having bags to store their farm products and lacking funds to buy pestcides, but now there is a solution from Agro z.

Agro Z is a company that has come up with new technology of making bags that are already treated ready to store grains free from pests.

Speaking at West FM studios during Kilimo Ajira show Simon Mwombe the deputy county director in the ministry of Agriculture in Trans Nzoia County said that there are different ways of storing grains but the right way is to store your grains and find that it is not destroyed with pests.

“These hermetic bags from Agro Z company are bags that keep away pests from your grains and one needs not to use chemicals that will be risk to his/her health” said Mr. Mwombe.

“There are pests that are harmful to grains like large grain borers and grain weevils if you use hermetic bags you will find that your grain is not destroyed in any way and this can only be attained when you dry your grains well up to 13.5% and ensure that there is no wetness” said Mr. Orenga Maurice field officer for Trans Nzoia county.

When using these bags one should follow instructions carefully to get the best results. When instructions are not followed grains can be spoilt by pests and becomes unsuitable for human consumption.

The hermetic bags from Agro Z is a 100kg bag that has 2 layers; the inside layer and the top layer.

The inside layer has a rope used to tie tightly the inner part to avoid any air to enter into grains, and the top layer protects outer part by preventing water from entering the grains and retains the inside air making it unfavorable for pests that might have entered therefore dies.

Importance of Agro Z bag include;

The bag assists a farmer avoid post harvest loses.

It is good on the farmers’ health because once the cereals are stored, there is no dust that may lead to chest problem or cough and diseases like cancer.

Using the Agro Z bags cuts on the cost of buying pesticides to mix in the grain after harvesting.

Generates good profits when selling stored grains because there is no hurry of selling the grains fearing destruction of pests. The farmer can wait until when the market prices are favorable to sell his/her produce.

Grain that is stored in Agro Z bags doesn’t lose weight; the original weight is retained until selling or using time.

Grain is stored for long and one can use the bags to store grains for three seasons.

The Agro Z bag is found at a price of Ksh. 250 only.