Alarming teenage pregnancies in Bungoma County

teenage pregnancies (photo courtesy)
teenage pregnancies (photo courtesy)

Bungoma County has been listed as having a large number of children affected by teenage pregnancy cases. The issue has motivated some youth groups to develop methods and ways to deal with the epidemic.

Julie Silver, one of the young people, points out 40 groups that develop campaigns for high school and primary school girls. Approximately 20 percent of girls have been affected by cases of teenage pregnancies according to David Famba, an official from the Ministry of Health.

They said they are girls who get pregnant and don’t go for pre-natal clinics therefore they are ensuring to work together with these girls from conception to delivery. The group also offered to offer pieces of advice to the young girls by empowering them to ensure these cases reduce since the future holds on them. They also ensure that the girls are psychologically stable they promise to talk to them and encourage them

 Bumula Constituency in 2021 registered cases of about 800 girls who visited hospitals for pregnancy testing in hospitals. The presence of technology, poverty and lack of good education has been mentioned as the main factor. Parents have been advised to train their children in relation to sex.

Currently, they have called on the government to intervene and invest heavily in the fight against the alarming teenage pregnancies.

Sarah Nandemu