Albinos urged to get free sunscreen lotions

The free sunscreen lotions have been provided by the national govt. & are in health centers

The Bungoma county nominated mca with some of the sunscreen lotions that they use

People living with albinism in Kakamega county are urged to visit their nearest health centres to take their sunscreen lotion.

Nominated member of county assembly in Bungoma Martin Pepela Wanyonyi urged all people living with albinism in Kakamega county to realize the importance of the lotion provided for them by the national government more so on their skin.

Addressing hundreds of people living with the disability in Mumias town Wanyonyi said that they should use that lotion maximally to protect themselves from skin cancer.

The MCA, Martin Wanyonyi Pepela with some children living with albinism holding their sunscreen lotions

“There are so many things that national government has done for you, utilize them urged the albinos. Adding that the national government has a plan of ensuring each one of them will be treated eyes and get classes free of charge.

He urged people in the society not to develop attitude towards people living with albinism,¬†“we are not a curse from God we are just like anyone else” he said.

The MCA who is also an albino asked all parents with the children living with albinism to take them to school which he said will make their future bright.

Wanyonyi called upon the national government to buy enough material to all schools to easy the learning of persons living with different disabilities.

“It will be very important if children living with disabilities learn within the locality” he ¬†posed,asking all children living with disabilities to go to school and acquire skills that will enable them to compete favorably in the current world.