Aldai residents protest change of a construction site meant for a law court


The residents of Aldai sub-county in Nandi have protested the change of a construction site meant for a law court in the region citing to have been marred by politics. 

Led by their spokesperson Mr. Josphat Magut, they lamented that the proposed site for the construction of a law court was set to be erected at Kobujoi ward before it was shortchanged politically to be at Kaptumo ward, a move that they have unanimously disagreed on. 

“We wont allow politics to shortchang us and we appeal to the judiciary to intervene and offer ahelping hand to Aldai residents in abide to get justice for the project” Magut demanded. 

The angry residents revealed that they had agreed in a public participation to have the law court build at Kobujoi but to their astonishment found out that the agreement had been reversed to relocate the project to Kaptumo region, a situation they termed as impossible and they won’t allow it come rain come sunshine as they will fight for their democratic right.

“We strongly condemn the perpetrators of the move and we won’t allow the court be erected in Kaptumo region instead of Kobujoi.” They affirmed. 

They lamented that the whole issue had been politicized by some political leaders who had influenced the changes thus urged the judiciary and the government at large to intervene fully. 

“Kaptumo region has been developed compared to Kobujoi as it has a KMTC and several tea companies while Kobujoi has none thus was fit to take the project as it was very convenient for residents from as far as areas like Kabwareng, Maraba, Terik and Kemeloi respectively. 

Aldai sub-county assistant county commissioner Mr. Tanui John calmed the protestors and urged them to be patient as they looked deeply into the matter adding that services should be taken closer to the public not far from the public.