ANC says it won’t be intimidated to join alliances after arson case in Kakamega

ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi
ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi

The ANC party has condemned the arson attack on the party’s Kakamega office, where the party’s store was set on fire on Sunday night, and some party documents destroyed. The remains were found on Monday morning. Hours later in a press release, the party said it’s not difficult to imagine who may be responsible for the arson case, noting that the party has come under increased attacks from a section of ‘self styled local heroes from Western Kenya.” Party Secretary General Barack Muluka said they have spirited efforts to drag ANC into ambiguous alliances, “We will not get into things we do not understand. No amount of threats, blackmail, incitement or intimidation will make us digress from the path of multiparty democracy and political pluralism generally.”

He said the party will reject the emerging efforts to kill multiparty democracy through intimidation and scare mongering, “We have taken lessons from the past mistakes in the country. We will not walk back.” The party has urged those who have taken a different political path to continue their different pursuits and called on security officers to move with speed to apprehend those who are culpable for the arson incident. “Such banditry must be discouraged for it is going to unnecessarily heighten political temperatures in Western Kenya,” he said.