ANC’S Nabulindo of Matungu confident of winning; decries voter bribery

ANC's Peter Nabulindo

Amani national congress candidate in the Matungu by-election has expressed confidence of clinching victory in Matungu’s mini poll.

Nabulindo who cast his vote at the Namalasire Primary School polling station said that he has never been self-assured of victory like he is today.

“We did our homework very well and Matungu voters assured us of this position,” said Nabulindo.

Nabulindo is not new to Matungu politics, in 2017 he vied but was defeated by the late Justus Murunga coming in second with a narrow loss.

Nabulindo has however decried voter bribery by who he alleges are his opponents.

“I have completed the voting process but we have had allegations of massive voter bribery by our opponents, we urge the police and IEBC to be more vigilant concerning this”.

“We have had incidents reported in places like Khalaba, Namulungu, Nyapwaka, Mukunyuku Munami,Lubanga Namberekea, and even at Namalasire, our youths have been able to identify officials from other parties bribing voters around corners, entrance to polling stations.” He added.

Family rivalry has also played out in the Matungu’s mini polls that have attracted 15 candidates, among them 9 independents, including Murunga’s widow Christabel Amunga and son Eugene Ambwere.  

Other candidates in the race are Charles Kasamani of the United Democratic Party, Paul Achayo MDG and Faida Auma of Maendeleo Chap Chap and independents; Bernard Wakoli, Athman Wangara, Anzelimo Kongoti, Kevin Nectus, Wilberforce Lutta and Gregory Atoko have also voted.

Some voters however have been turned away for not complying with covid 19 protocols.