Angry youths vandalize UDA offices in Trans Nzoia

Vandalized UDA offices
Vandalized UDA offices

Angry youths invaded United Democratic Alliance party UDA in Milimani areas of Kitale in Trans Nzoia County blaming some leaders over what they termed as sidelining their leaders in matters of the party.

UDA party is affiliated to Deputy president Dr.William Ruto and several leaders within Trans Nzoia county have been jostling for leadership posts within the party with each leader trying to outsmart each other to gain relevancy.

Last month senate aspirant Allan Chesang opened UDA office in Milimani accompanied by Kapsaret Mp Oscar Sudi without involving some other leaders that support the party in Trans Nzoia an action that caused accusations among leaders that were not involved in the opening of the office.

Some of the leaders that support UDA party within the county include Trans Nzoia county woman Rep Mp Janet Nangabo, Endebess Mp Dr.Robert Pukose, the former gubernatorial aspirant Maurice Kakai Bisau, former Cherangany Mp Wesley Korir among other leaders.

On Friday, angry youths invaded the same UDA office at Milimani that was opened by senatorial aspirant Allan Chesang blaming him of engaging in party matters as a lone ranger and that he was not consulting their leaders in discussing matters of the party.

They claimed some leaders are engaging in tribal matters stating that some other tribes are not being heard when it comes in matters of engaging in party issues.

“This party doesn’t belong to a certain tribe, this is the national party that needs to encompass every tribe, the way this party is being managed is like someone‚Äôs briefcase”,said simon Andala the matatu union chair.

The youths demolished the UDA office breaking window panes and vandalized some items within the office calling for all leaders within the county that support the party to convene an urgent meeting that will address the mayhem that is being witnessed in the party.

They claimed that they don’t support the office at the area as it was opened without involving all leaders that support the party calling upon the Deputy president Dr.Ruto to intervene and solve the situation that they claimed if not solved might cause tensions more.