Archbishop Sapit proposes that revenue allocation should hinge on devolved services

ACK Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit (centre) with other church officials in Bungoma
ACK Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit (centre) with other church officials in Bungoma

Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has proposed that the basis of allocation of revenue should be pegged on the services that have been devolved at the County level so as to ensure the residents at the grass root benefit.

In his address to the press after officially opening the Kenya Anglican Youth Conference in Bungoma, Sapit said the allocation should purely consider the budgets presented at the County level saying the stalemate should be solved amicably.

He also proposed that Kenyans should get involved in the referendum quest by evaluating whether the current constitution has been a hit or a miss, noting that leaving the whole responsibility to politicians is not practical. “We must look at a way of addressing the huge wage bill in the country and consider looking at the posts that have been duplicated with the introduction of the constitution that could as well be done away with,” he said.

He emphasized on the importance of the youths signing up as the citizens and not foreigners in the kingdom of God hence going by the theme of the conference that stated ‘We are citizens and not foreigners.’

The conference is normally held yearly in different Counties. The main aim of the exercise is to bring the youths together from other regions and enrich them spiritually and also to mentor them into being better citizens.

Also present was the Governor of Bungoma County Wycliffe Wangamati who similarly urged the youths to develop the power of positive thinking and also to handle life challenges positively.

He also cautioned against whining over challenges saying doing so gives power and life to the problems and ruins your innermost being. He went further to note that showing gratitude and kindness will open doors to more blessings and so urging to strongly embrace it.