Assistant chief lauds West Media for its commitment

Mrs Alice Wanyonyi- Sirakalu Sub location asst. Chief.
Mrs Alice Wanyonyi- Sirakalu Sub location asst. Chief.

Sirakalu sub location in Bungoma North sub county assistant Chief Mrs. Alice Wanyonyi has lauded West Media for its recommendable work that is doing to the community especially within Bungoma County.

Addressing Mumbo FM salaams club in her area of jurisdiction during the merry go round and fundraising for Tumaini Mumbo salaams club, Mrs. Wanyonyi said the idea of West Media bringing their fans into groups to start development programs has really made her work easier as many of her residents are now busy and have no time engaging in criminal acts.

She said unlike other stations West Media has gone to the people in the villages to make sure that they unite groups regardless of the church doctrine or tribe which has really helped a lot and groups are being used as uniting factors that has made people co- exist well and live in harmony.

She also appreciated the programs being aired, saying they are very educative and have helped the society and some are very entertaining especially in the morning and midnight.

“I really like West Media, it has done a lot in our houses, sometimes some families with wrangles are reconciled by the programs you air and that helps us as leaders because they will not waste time coming to report to our offices and that makes our work easier and therefore am proud of you people and keep it up because as I can see you are going far,” said Mrs. Wanyonyi

She encouraged other people who have joined groups to join West Media groups saying they are doing marvelous and appealed to leaders to support such organized groups.

On his part, Bungoma North Mumbo FM salaams club CBO chairman Mr. Alex Khisa said as a CBO they have come up with many projects that has seen 18 salaams clubs benefiting with some members benefiting directly and encouraged all members to work together for the sake of development.

Mr. Alex Khisa- chairman Bungoma North CBO
Mr. Alex Khisa- chairman Bungoma North CBO

He reiterated his commitment to work with all leaders of the groups to make sure that they fight poverty and uplift life standards of all members.

He added that through working together and using the available funds well they have managed to purchase more than 300 chairs and tents for several groups and some members have gotten some livestock like sheep, goats and cattle and encouraged groups and members to take good care of the property so that the groups can grow well .

Other members said they have also benefited spiritually as they are encouraged every time they attend the functions.