Authorities set up counselling exercise for security officers in Trans Nzoia

Trans Nzoia County police commander Ayub Gitonga (right)

Following numerous complaints leveled against police officers by locals, security agencies have set up counselling services for police officers in Trans Nzoia aimed at improving the rapport between the police and public. Speaking during the counselling exercise for officers drawn from the police force, GSU and KWS, Trans Nzoia County police commander Ayub Gitonga said counselling of senior officers will go a long way in helping to ease tension between officers and residents.

Security officers within the County have had a frosty relationship with the public, with cases that raised concerns including when a police car hit a boda boda rider at Kachibora area in Cherangany spurring demonstrations, with a similar case at Kipsaina in Cherangany where police officers arrested a suspect who later died in the police cells leading to protests. Protests were also witnessed at Kiminini police station where a KPR allegedly raped a woman but police failed to arrests the officer.

Gitonga confirmed that he has received complaints form residents concerning officers, saying a few of them have tarnished the name of the security force by engaging in uncouth behaviour. He said some officers engage in bad vices because of stressful situations they are under, noting that fresh training and education from their bosses will come in handy. He said some officers prefer to keep silent instead of sharing what they are going through.

His sentiments was echoed by the Counseling chairman John Mureithi who urged Counties to set up offices to deal with offering counselling services to Kenyans. “The counseling department lies under the health docket and health was devolved to the Counties. It will be wise for all Counties in Kenya to set up
counseling centers in every department as well set aside funds for the same. This will help in solving cases emanating from stress,” he said.