Azimio La Umoja brigade to get 70% of votes in Nandi County

Azimio La Umoja brigade to deliver 70‰ of votes in Nandi
Azimio La Umoja brigade to deliver 70‰ of votes in Nandi

Former Agriculture Minister and Aldai Member of Parliament Dr. Sally Kosgey has revealed that Azimio La Umoja-One Kenya will get 70% votes in Nandi region as there is no limit and issues of zoning because voters will exercise their democratic right of voting for their best leaders.

Speaking during a meeting with Azimio La Umoja leaders and representatives in Kapsabet town on strategy of their campaigns in the area, Kosgey affirmed that there is no limit in which side will get what amount of votes saying residents are clever and they know where to put their votes.

“I dare say there is no limit in the votes Azimio will get in Nandi and am sure we will get more support,” Kosgey affirmed.

He asked the voters in the region to turn out in large numbers on 9th August and vote in Azimio for Presidency saying the team has a very good manifesto that will cater and uplift the living standards of the citizens of this nation.

“Voting is a democratic right of every voter and I want to ask Nandi residents to exercise it by coming out to vote wisely on that which is around the corner.” She insisted.

The team will be traversing across Nandi from Monday to seek votes therefore calls upon all the residents of the region to stand fully with Raila Odinga.