Crying baby draws residents’ attention to corpse in Likuyani

Likuyani OCPD Meshack Kiptum confirmed the incident
Likuyani OCPD Meshack Kiptum confirmed the incident

A sombre mood engulfed Matunda market in Likuyani Sub County after a two-year-old baby was found crying over the body of her mother who is believed to have died two days ago in her house. According to the neighbours, they were attracted by the crying of the baby from the house after they failed to see her mother for the last two days.

They said when they peeped through the window they only saw the baby
and there was no movement from the mother. “We haven’t seen this lady for the last two days and after hearing the baby cry from the house which has remained closed for the last two days, we took the step to establish what was going on and we peeped through
the window,” said one of the neighbours, confirming they could see the baby.

They were forced to break the door to enter the house and were shocked to find the baby crying and her mother’s corpse was lying on the bed. They alleged the baby was crying continuously after being overwhelmed by

According to the neighbours, the deceased together with her husband who moved in the area about two months ago had been engaged in a continuous feud and they didn’t cancel the possibility of her husband being responsible for her death. suspected she might have been killed by her husband.

However, confirming the incident Likuyani OCPD Meshack Kiptum denied the possibility of a murder case, saying the lady died as a result of suffocation.

He said a Jiko was found in her bedroom and it’s believed the Jiko was being used to warm the room before she fell asleep and suffocated.

The OCPD said the deceased’s husband who is a businessman had travelled to Busia on that fateful day adding that the door and all windows had been locked from inside and there is no way that somebody might have killed her and escaped. The body was removed to Kitale mortuary as an investigation was launched into the incident.