Bars in Nandi to be closed during the census, affirms County Commissioner

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang
Nandi Governor Stephen Sang

The County Commissioner for Nandi Mr. Olaka Kutswa has announced the closure of all the bars across Nandi during the census exercise which will take place on 24th and 25th this weekend. Speaking to the press in his office, Kutswa said all the bars will be closed on that day so as to facilitate and enable accurate data collection.

He said all the preparations for the day in Nandi have been accomplished including the availability of the security team, enumerators and the supervisors.

The commissioner appealed to the residents of Nandi to participate actively in the process as it is of great importance to the nation in matters of determination of the population, living conditions, ethnic composition and informed resource allocation.

On another issue, he warned against cattle rustling along the borders of Nandi saying security officers are on high alert and that culprits of the vice will be brought to book and charged accordingly in the court of law.