Bayemba clan strategize on education and economic breakthrough

Agriculture CEC Mathews Makanda and Zack Barasa
Agriculture CEC Mathews Makanda and Zack Barasa

Bayemba clan members from Bungoma and Kakamega Counties converged in Kimilili town to lay down strategies of how to uplift themselves economically and ensure their children get education. Bungoma County Agriculture CEC Mathews Makanda who hails from the clan says the meeting was meant to ensure they know each other and have proper documentation of the clan members in order to make their plans a success.

He said they are focusing on starting up an education fund saying their are many people from the clan whose children perform well in national examinations but do not have the potential to take them to the deserved schools saying the fund will come in handy. His sentiments were echoed by Bungoma liberation Patron Zack Barasa who said the only thing that will liberate them from poverty is ensuring their children are well educated noting that they are blessed with bright children.

However, he said being among the tribes that have a larger population in the County they also need to strategize on how to negotiate their impact of shaping the leadership of the County.
In the event, the CEC Makanda and Barasa agreed to bury their political differences and work together for the benefit of the people of Bungoma County. Former Bumula MP Bifwoli Wakoli regretted the same, saying currently their is no elected leader from the clan as opposed to some years when they were more than seven across the County.
He said the clan produced great leaders like Pascal Nabwana  saying they have the potential to bounce back to glory and therefore need to work in harmony to achieve.