Be cautious on who to elect, Webuye East residents told

Hon. Martin Wanyonyi, Ndivisi ward MCA and Webuye East Ford Kenya candidate
Hon. Martin Wanyonyi, Ndivisi ward MCA and Webuye East Ford Kenya candidate

As Kenya draws near general election, voters have been asked to be watchful as they exercise their democratic right of voting in leaders in the coming general elections slated on 9th August, 2022.

Addressing residents of Malomonye village in Ndivisi ward in Webuye East constituency, Mrs.Caro Buyela who is the former Bungoma County Special Program’s Advisor and current candidate of Jubilee party in the Webuye East parliamentary race urged residents to be very cautious in the choice of leaders they want who will govern them for the next five years.

While distributing food stuff for the less fortunate residents, Mrs. Buyela said that while she acknowledges the current Member of Parliament Eng. Alfred Wekesa Sambu’s development track record, there are areas that need some serious observation in terms of development and promised to steer them if elected as the second Member of Parliament of Webuye East constituency.

“Hon. Sambu has done his bit, he tried his level best and we really applaud his good work he began especially in education sector and I am prepared to steer it to the next level so that some areas that were left out can also realize some development,” said Mrs. Buyela.

She appealed to voters to scrutinize each and every candidate’s track record especially in terms of development and their social status in the community before they elect one.

Caro Buyela, Jubilee candidate
Caro Buyela, Jubilee candidate

Webuye East constituency was split from Webuye large to create two constituencies and it has so far been ruled by only one MP Eng. Alfred Wekesa Sambu for the last ten years since it was created in 2012 and at the moment it has attracted more than seven candidates; Hon. Martin Pepela Wanyonyi current Ndivisi ward MCA vying on Ford Kenya ticket, Aggrey Murumba Namisi, Bungoma East KNUT Executive Secretary and the only candidate from Maraka ward on ODM party, Dr. Iyaya Wanjala Chebai who will fly DAP-K ticket and comes from Ndivisi ward, Job Chelongo, Bungoma County former Deputy County Secretary contesting on a UDP ticket and comes from Ndivisi ward too, Mr. Aineah Muyundo (Renown business man) comes from Mihuu ward and vying on UDA party ticket, Mr. Noah Chiuli an independent candidate from Ndivisi ward too and the only female candidate Mrs. Buyela who comes from Mihuu ward.

However, tribal and clan politics while come in play as it’s perceived that Tachonis dominate the Constituency and it was one of the reasons why the Constituency was created to take care of minority Tachoni community, though the Bangachi clan has four candidates and as much as they’re many in terms of numbers they could play family politics which could be suicidal and divide the rich vote of the clan and that would easily give an upper hand to the current Ndivisi ward MCA whom some observe as a neutral person though some have dismissed him as too young for the parliamentary seat and yet the Constituency needs a mature leader where are proposing Dr. Iyaya, the notion Hon. Wanyonyi has laughed off saying he has stood with community when they needed him most and by him serving as an MCA for two terms has what it takes to lead.

Caro Buyela, on her part says she has criss-crossed the vast constituency and supported residents socially and economically and created a different political outlook and believes that being the only female aspirant among men  she stands a better position because she understands what the community wants as opposed to others who she terms as visitors who only come when election period draws near then disappears at the end. However, her critics say the community is not ready to vote for a female MP and this is attributed to the conservatiness of the Tachoni community.

Dr. Iyaya Wanjala on his part says he has experience spanning for fifteen years and has the best academic qualities that a constituency needs and he is mature too but his critics say he always disappear the moment he loses elections and therefore loses touch with electorates.

Dr. Iyaya Wanjala, DAP-K candidate
Dr. Iyaya Wanjala, DAP-K candidate

Mr. Noah Chiuli who is an independent candidate says he is ready to change politics in the region as he makes his first stab in politics and plans to work closely with youths who are the majority and having wide experience in private sector he plans to have people centered leadership where he plans to engage the community in terms of development projects they need, hence creating job opportunities for the unemployed youths.

However, observers say he is new in the field and he lacks the acumen and networks of the community, therefore does not understand Webuye East set up.

Mr. Aggrey Murumba Namisi who is the only candidate from Maraka ward has overwhelmingly supported ODM and being on the ODM ticket he plans to enjoy the voting block from his backyard and being a Tachoni and his parents home is in Ndivisi ward, will work to get the whole votes on his side, but some of his critics say he is a guest in Webuye East as his first home is in Bokoli ward in Webuye West constituency and this could work against him, how he plans to shade it off remains his secret card.

Job Chelongo is a seasoned politician having come second in 2013 general elections behind Hon. Sambu, believes his time is ripe and being an academician associates himself with creation and registration of most of schools in Webuye East, he supported most of them and he helped them get registered while he was working in the Ministry and says if given an opportunity he will take education to another level and it’s his priority.

However, some say him being a Bukusu though his late father was uncled to Tachonis, it could be hard for him to penetrate the vast Tachoni community but he says the community needs a charismatic leader and not a tribal or community king.

Mr. Aineah Muyundo is making his first political stab but he is viewed as an outsider because like Namisi his first home is in Sitikho ward in Webuye West constituency.

Ainea Muyundo, UDA candidate
Ainea Muyundo, UDA candidate

Therefore, it remains in the hands of Webuye East electorates to decide in the next three months on who  succeeds Hon. Eng. Sambu.