Kenyans have been advised to be patient with life even as they go through challenges among them being poor economic status which has been brought about by Covid-19 virus and BBI politics so that any decision needed to be made should be from the informed point of view. Addressing a congregation at Mbakalo ward, Naitiri parish priest father Martin Erap said at the moment many Kenyans are going through hard times as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. These challenges which have brought down the economy and therefore many families can’t be able toafford basic needs which leads people towards making the worst decisions, as others give up because of job loses among other issues. He has called on every single person to be patient saying everything will go back to normal given time and urged them to make good decisions despite such predicaments.

Father Martin said fighting Covid-19 is not only a government initiative but it is an individual call to make sure that all laid down rules are met by every person in a family by making sure that there is cleanliness of the highest level, social distance observation especially to elderly people who may be having underlying problems to be careful and avoid public meetings. He added that if everyone observed the rules then the virus will be defeated and life will come back to normal,” unfortunately some of us think that corona virus is not in the villages but in town and when the government puts measures some of us still think the pandemic is for the government. Covid-19 is with us and all of us must work hard to fight it even as the government engages other partners to get the best medical recipe for the virus. Let’s be vigilant and remind others who forget ” said father Erap.

On leadership issues, he was perturbed by what is happening in the political arena where leaders are never take time deliver on the promises they made to the people. He said that people have lacked patience with which they elected leaders, adding that small mistakes done by elected leaders have always been received with negative criticism and even some youths calling for impeachment, something he says impacts negatively on development agenda set by the very leaders. “In our western region our people politic too much especially on social media, the moment leaders have been elected, politics begin and any slight mistake done by any given leader people mostly youths criticize in a negative way without respect and some even call for resignation or quickly look for signatures to impeach such a leader without giving them timeto explain themselves. We should cease from such minds because in other areas people are using social media to do business “, said father Arap. 

He also appeared to be shocked shocked with the increasing number of youths who are committing suicide in Bungoma county and western region as a whole, saying though there are challenges in life especially the youth such as job loses, others joblessness despite tarmacking for years. He advised that taking away life is not a solution but a sign of cowardice and youth should avoid it. He advised youth who could be facing challenges to speak out to councilors, church leaders, clan kinsmen and women, administration or opinion leaders who could listen to them and give them advice that could be useful and helpful than committing suicide. Father Martin also requested parents to be closer to their children and offer guidance where necessary so that such habits can be stopped.