Police officers impound betting machines in Nandi

Betting as a practice is common among the youths countrywide. FILE PHOTO
Betting as a practice is common among the youths countrywide. FILE PHOTO

Police officers in Nandi led by the County police commandant Mr. Partrick Wambani and the Deputy County commissioner Chesumei Sub County Mr. Ngura Mwamachi today impounded lotto betting machines that were kept in a warehouse at Kaptobongen village in Kabongwa sub-location in Chepterit location.

Speaking to West Media at the scene where the raid was conducted, Wambani cited that the raid was as a result of a tip-off from members of the public who raised concern over the suspicions surrounding a residence in Kabongwa area where 175 lotto betting machines were impounded this morning.

He said that the machines had been hidden in a residential home at Kaptobongen village in Chepterit location, Chesumei constituency believed to be a home belonging to one of the residents who comes from the United States of America. The police commander revealed that the key business suspect told them that she had leased the residential home for two years now and that she uses it as a business warehouse.

Residents were concerned after the owner fenced the residence with iron sheets overnight, and all access was blocked, forcing them to call the police. The warehouse had over one hundred lotto machines, money counting machines and other items which all were all impounded by the police officers.

About three suspects linked to the business were arrested and are currently being held at Kapsabet police station for further interrogation. A total of 175 lotto machines were nabbed, 168 were new and 37 were already used.