Boda boda operator dies in a road accident in Busia

Locals around the vehicle that hit the boda boda operator
Locals around the vehicle that hit the boda boda operator

A bodaboda operator died after a private car hit him at Ochude market along Busia Mayoni road. Witnesses said the operator was heading to Busia town carrying a passenger when he was hit by the car which locals say was being driven at high speed carrying alcohol from the neighbouring Uganda towards Mayoni, “We heard a bang and when we rushed to the scene we found the bodaboda operator lying dead beside the road. The person he was carrying had been severely injured and was in deep pain and we rushed him to hospital although we don’t know if he will survive.”

They said the car was overtaking another vehicle when it hit the two on their side of the road. Locals have accused Busia police of failing to nab vehicles ferrying contraband goods including alcohol from Uganda to other parts of the country and which contribute to high number of deaths on Busia-Mayoni and Busia-Kisumu roads, “We have lost many people on our roads because of these vehicles which ferry contraband goods from Busia Uganda to various parts of the country. We have roadblocks at Sio and Nambale but we fail to understand how the vehicles manage to pass daily through the road blocks.” The angry members of the public prevented the police from taking the motorbike involved in the accident.