Protests held by boda boda operators over poor roads

The demonstrating boda boda operators
The demonstrating boda boda operators
Transport and communication activities along the road that connects Mukhonje and Silungai trading centres were paralyzed following protests by boda boda operators. The operators were demonstrating over what they described as the deplorable state of the road that also links Lugari and Malava sub counties in Kakamega County. The irate group of boda boda riders dug several wide trenches across that section of the road.

“We are experiencing a lot of problems while transporting our clients and luggage via this substandard road including several others in this region,” Mr. Jacob Ofwera, the group’s chairperson told journalists. He was flanked by Mr. Rajab Kumbuti.

According to the operators, besides trade and communication activities, the poor state of the road was also adversely affecting, teachers and learners in schools within the area.

One of the bodaboda operators digging a trench across the road
One of the bodaboda operators digging a trench across the road

The two cited a recent incident in which students at Silungai Boys Secondary escaped death narrowly when their school bus veered off the impassable road before it rolled into a roadside ditch.

“The students were returning from an academic tour at the time of the accident,” disclosed Ofwera.

The protesters alleged their numerous appeals to elected leaders, requesting for the rehabilitation of poor roads in the area have been futile, “Hence our unanimous decision to demonstrate over the same,” added Kumbuti.

They now want Lugari Member of Parliament, Ayub Savula and his Malava counterpart, Malulu Injendi to urgently step in and help address the problem.

“Otherwise, we will continue demonstrating until when something sensible will be done to this road,” warned Ofwera.