Body of a 24 year old man found in a borehole in Matete

Matete police removing the body from the scene

Grief has gripped Mawa village, Lwandeti location in Matete after a body of a 24 year old man was found in a borehole.

According to Mr. Luke Wekesa, his nephew Peter Ngosia, who looked disturbed psychologically was last seen on Friday evening before his body was discovered in the borehole on Monday afternoon.

He said the deceased went berserk threatening to kill his family members, took his mattress and blankets and threw them in the borehole but they were removed later.

He then started running up and down chanting Tachoni circumcision songs and later left the compound and went to Lwandeti market where he spent the rest of Friday afternoon.

He later returned home at about 8pm singing and dancing as the family ignored his antics but after about an hour he went silent and the family thought he had gone to sleep though he wasn’t seen for two days.

His body was discovered by his cousin who had gone to draw water from the borehole on Monday afternoon.

Wekesa said as one of his sons was drawing water the rope broke and the can fell into the borehole and as he tried to remove it, the wire he was using hooked into a heavy object and he was unable to pull it out.

“The boy came seeking my help and told me the can had fell in the borehole and he was unable to pull it out, I went and tried to pull it but I was unable too. I later took a torch and when I looked inside I was shocked to discover it was my nephew’s body,” said Wekesa adding that the family has been using the water since Saturday not knowing there was a corpse inside.

The body was later removed and taken to Webuye sub county hospital mortuary as police officers from Matete station launched an investigation into the incident.