Body of a 24 year old man found on a village path in Lumakanda

Residents and police officers at the scene where the body was found

The body of a 24 year old man was discovered dumped on a village path in Igina village in Lumakanda location Lugari Sub County.

The body of Jairus Afundi Lumbasi was discovered on Tuesday morning by a young girl who had been sent to buy milk in the neighborhood.

According to Mr. Nicholas Andege, the body was discovered by one of his children lying few meters from his compound.

“The girl had been sent by her mother to buy milk when she saw the body and rushed back to inform me that there was somebody lying near our fence, when I went to check I discovered it was Afundi,” said Andege.

He said he tried reaching the deceased’s parents through the phone unsuccessfully before he decided to send his wife to inform them and they confirmed it was their son.

According to Ms. Emily Lumbasi her brother was last seen at  a funeral in the neighboring village in a jovial healthy mood before they received the shocking news of his death.

Police officers from Lumakanda police station removed the body to Chebaiywa mortuary in the neighbouring Uasin Gishu County as they launched investigations.