Another mutilated body of a woman found in a thicket in Likuyani

Likuyani OCPD Meshack Kiptum(pictured) confirmed that the body of the woman was found by a former chief
Likuyani OCPD Meshack Kiptum(pictured) confirmed that the body of the woman was found by a former chief

Barely about 21 days after the body of a woman who was killed and burnt was found hidden in a cave in Sango township village, another badly mutilated body of a woman also believed to have been murdered and burnt was found in a thicket at Kongoni Township
village in Likuyani Sub County ten days after she had been reported missing.

Confirming the incident Likuyani OCPD Meshack Kemboi Kiptum said the body was discovered by a 79-year-old retired chief Peter Likwilu who was grazing his animals and followed an odorous smell emanating from a thicket on his farm.

Kiptum said on reaching the thicket Mzee Likwilu was shocked to see a decomposing female body dumped there before he reported the incident.

He said police led by Matunda OCS Raphael Mutiso visited the scene and discovered the body had been badly mutilated with some parts missing adding that it had also been burned. “The body had serious burns with some parts including eyes, ears, one
leg and hand were missing,” said Kiptum.

The police boss said it is suspected the lady was killed and burnt elsewhere before her body was set alight and dumped in the thicket. He said Likwilu’s neighbours who reached the scene could identify the body to be of 25-year-old Juliana Mukangala Mwanda and her family had reported her disappearance on 18th Feb 2018.

According to Likuyani Sub County council of elders secretary Mr. Cyprian Shisanya the deceased was his daughter-in-law and it was a coincidence that the body was found by Mzee Likwilu who is the council’s chairman.

He said the daughter-in-law gave birth on 6th February 2018 but her child died under unclear circumstances eight days later and after the burial of her child she looked so depressed before she went missing on 18th February 2018 at 2 am.

According to the husband John Shisanya his wife woke up at 2 am claiming to be so thirsty and walked to the kitchen to drink water but never returned to bed.

“My wife went to drink water in the kitchen around 2 am, I heard her open
the kitchen door but what happened next I can’t tell. After waiting for about five minutes I went to check on her but she was nowhere to be seen,” he said, “After failing to trace her, I woke up my parents and in-laws and launched a manhunt for her but we couldn’t get her and since then for the past ten days we have been searching for her everywhere including in mortuaries, hospitals but all had been in vain,” explained the husband adding that on the night she disappeared she was only putting on a skin-tight without a blouse and she left all
her belongings in the house.

Police remove the body to Kitale Hospital mortuary for postmortem as they launched an investigation into the murder. The incident follows a similar one where a 34-year-old woman (Catherine Kendy) was also killed and her body burnt before being dumped in a cave near Kipsangui river in the neighbouring Sango sub location about 21 days ago.