BoM teachers call for recognition from the government as Covid-19 causes financial strains

Education CS Prof. George Magoha
Education CS Prof. George Magoha

Teachers drawn from private schools and those employed by Boards of School managements now wants the government to enroll them under the Coronavirus stimulus program, with economic strains weighing them down. The teachers drawn from Vihiga county through their secretary general Silvanus Agoi said that since March when schools were indefinitely closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic life has not been easy for them as they depended entirely on the salaries they received from respective schools they were employed, “Buying food and paying rent is now impossible,” he said.

The government has been on forefront allocating money to cushion the vulnerable in society, and Private and Board of Management employed teachers feel they need to be considered since they play a vital role in the community. On 9th June 2020 Emuhaya Member of Parliament Omboko Milemba wrote to the speaker of the national assembly requesting for a statement regarding the payment of teachers recruited by Boards of Management across the country.

In his statement Milemba stated that this group of teachers are vital in filling the gap of over 120,000 teachers’ shortage in the country and they should be entitled to a salary during this harsh time. He sought answers from the chairperson of the departmental committee on education and research on the full budget of co-curriculum activities, how much has been refunded to the Education Ministry after schools were closed before sporting activities could be undertaken and if the same amount could be channeled to the over 72,000 teachers employed by Boards of Management.