Boost in Agriculture as County launches pioneer irrigation scheme

Governor Ottichilo launching the irrigation scheme
Governor Ottichilo launching the irrigation scheme

Vihiga Governor Dr. Wilber Ottichilo has launched the first ever irrigation scheme in the County named Wemilabi- Central Bunyore Irrigation project in Central Bunyore Ward.

Governor Ottichilo said that upon the successful completion of the irrigation project, 154 household of Wemilabi, Central Bunyore and neighboring Emabungo will get water for irrigation for a start.

Ottichilo too insisted on importance of the project citing the unreliable weather patterns due to climate change and urged farmers in Vihiga to re-adjust their agricultural practices to irrigation.

He also urged farmers in the area to plant more of indigenous vegetables which are on high demand in the county and neighboring counties.

“By September the project will be completed and I want by December all indigenous vegetables to be supplied to other counties from Vihiga,” he said.

Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) Agriculture Alfred Indeche said that the irrigation scheme will come in handy during the drought season for farmers to plant their crops and improve their livelihoods hence reducing hunger.

He also urged the area residents to plant indigenous tress along the river source supplying water in the irrigation project and that the department in collaboration with the department of water and environment will give free tree seedlings to be planted.

“Eucalyptus trees planted along the river take in a lot of water which will cause reduction in the water level,” said Indeche