“Bravo in the anti-terror war,” president tell military

President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday October 8th praised the Kenyan Defense and security forces for their role in protecting the country against cowardly terror criminals out to destabilize the country.

He said Defense and security forces work long and hard to keep Kenya safe, especially in deterring terrorist attacks and the vice of radicalization.


He spoke during the commissioning parade of Officer Cadets’ at the Kenya Military Academy at Lanet, Nakuru County, where he underlined the importance of peace and security for the country’s development agenda to succeed.

“The prosperity of a nation depends on how the crucial factors of peace, security, governance and sound economic development policies are brought to act on each other for the advancement of the society.” the President said.

President Kenyatta however pointed out that the military alone is not enough to defend the county against terror attacks and called on all patriotic Kenyans to forge a united front against the attackers.

The Head of State said strengthening national unity among Kenyans can defeat the plans of the terrorists.

He urged the commissioned officers to abide by the tenets of the Officer’s Creed and maintain a clear sense of direction that will enable them to lead by example and be a source of inspiration to fellow officers.

President Kenyatta pointed out that the training of cadets will enable them appreciate the role of “a professional defense force in achieving national goals”.

The President thanked the Kenya Defense Forces for not only living up to its expectation, but also ensuring that Kenyans of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds worked together.

He said the values of loyalty, discipline, professionalism and integrity, if practiced across the country, will contribute to the defeat of terrorism, religious intolerance and extremism.

“As you go out to serve, let me remind you that your training, though rigorous, is no substitute for patience, experience and commitment,” the President added.

President Kenyatta affirmed Government commitment to modern training of security forces that is relevant to the ever evolving security environment.

He told the new cadets to serve the nation with dedication and transmit to those who come after them the true character of the Kenya Defense Forces Officer.

“And you can be sure of my Government’s support if you maintain the high standards of your predecessors,” President Kenyatta said.

The Head of State said the cadets commissioned today include those from Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi thus strengthening the brotherhood of the East African nations.