Brigadier salams club fulfills their promise.

Brigadier salams club
Members of Brigadier salams club bulding a house for Mr. Henry Wesonga

Brigadier Westfm salams club from Soysambu-Mitua ward in Tongaren constituency have fulfilled their previous promise of constructing a house for the less fortunate old man from Machakha village. In, the salams club visited Mr. Henry Wesonga and gave him food and clothing after getting information that he lives a very destitute life and could not even get one meal for the day.

Talking to West media during the construction of the one-bedroomed house of over 28 iron sheets, brigadier salams club chairman Mr. Peter Mandila said they decided as a group to solicit funds after realizing that they had to support the less privileged on seeing the kind of life they live.

He added that Mr. Wesonga’s case was the worst and needed quick attention as he had been abandoned for a long time and therefore decided to support him despite not being a member of the team. He said they have come across a lot of such needy cases and they will continue supporting the less privileged society and therefore asked from those who are able financially and are willing to partner with them.

He appreciated leaders from Tongaren who stood with them amongst them Mitua location chief Mrs. Gladys Wanjala and Mr. John Kimwela who have overwhelmingly supported them.

The group criticized political leaders for not fulfilling promises during the campaign and have been advised to borrow a leaf from the brigadier salams club by making sure that they deliver services.

Mzee Henry Wesonga, a 79-year-old man appreciated the good work done by the brigadier salams club and asked them not to tire but keep up with the good work as service to man is service to God.

“Am sure am going to live for another ten years now that I not only have a better house but a lot of good friends too from west media salams club by the name of brigadier salams club and will always tune to Westfm or Mumbo FM because you are doing great things that would have otherwise been done by political leaders whom we have given the mandate, have nothing to give you but will always pray for you and our number one radio and tv stations that make up west media,” said jubilant mzee Wesonga.

Mzee Wesonga encouraged people from western to support West media by always listening and viewing West tv as they have great programs that have a lot of teaching.