British govt. asked to compensate massacre victims

The leadres from North-rift region has thereatened to sue British gov.t over historical injustices

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British govt. asked to compensate massacre victims

Leaders from the North-rift region have threatened to sue the British government for historical injustices done on the followers of Dini ya Roho ya Mafuta Pole ya Afrika sect during the fight for independence.

Leaders led by Governor Simon Kachapin, Baringo Governor Benjamin Cheboi, Kapenguria M.P Samuel Moroto and Tiaty M.P Asman Kamama said the leaders are engaging lawyers to start a process to file a case against the British government over historical injustice done against their members in 1950s by the colonial government.


Speaking in Kolowo ,Baringo county during commemoration of  death of those killed by the colonial government, the leaders  said they  will file case to ensure the church is compensated just like the Mau Mau have been recognized by the government.

Kachapin said the Sect has a great historical significance of the Pokot community and cannot be overlooked by the government.

“We want those who suffered compensated by the British government,” he said.

Kapenguria legislator said that the followers of the church were mistreated and tortured by the colonial government.

The leaders they will also petition the government to start a process of recognizing the Sect as one of the Kenyan independence history that need to be appreciated.


“We want victims of the Kolowa massacre to be compensated. This is a great message we are sending to the government,” said Baringo Governor Benjamin Cheboi.

The Sect faced opposition from subsequent Kenyan government regimes after independence since it was believed to be an anti-government group and therefore were not registered as a religious organization.

The Kenyan Government in 2012 finally through the help of Eugene Wamalwa the then Justice Minister  registered Dini Ya Roho Mafuta Pole ya Africa, a sect with strong roots in West Pokot County after pressure from local leaders who pushed for its legalization.

Governor Kachapin also unveiled a historic pillar at the place for remembrance of the sect founder Lukas Pkiech was a strong political leader during the colonial time and was leading the Pokot community against the European colonization that led to the famous Pokot resistance of 1950s.

The leaders also said the two county governments will build a museum to ensure the history if the community is preserved for future generations.