Briton involved in cocaine trafficking gets bail

Jack Marrian accused of smuggling cocaine
Jack Marrian has been accused of smuggling cocaine into Kenya

Jack Marrian, a 31-year-old Briton was today released on a cash bail of Ksh60 million as he awaits trial, after he had been arrested as he was trying to import cocaine worth 2.2 million dollars that weighed 100Kgs . Jack who is a sugar trader, denied the claims adding that his innocence is “palpable and obvious.” Up until the time of his arrest, he was in the process of acquiring Kenyan citizenship on the grounds that he was born in Kenya.

His mother, Lady Emma Campbell said in a previous interview, “He cannot possibly have had anything to do with the drugs. We are all hoping the legal system will find it fair to give Jack bail, so he can continue to assist the Kenyan police with their inquiries.”

He had cooperated with the police fully to the point that the police saw fit to allow him out of custody for two days to be able to get them all the documents pertaining to the case they needed. He personally took them to the anti-narcotics division of CID at the time appointed.

“We understand the Kenyan police must do due diligence in their research but we are expecting that they will see that Jack cannot possibly have had anything to do with the drugs discovered in the container which was also carrying his company shipment of sugar,” she said.

Campbell described some media coverage of her son’s arrest as “irresponsible and irrelevant”, adding that his treatment had been great so far, “We are very concerned for Jack’s wellbeing and fair treatment,so far he has been treated well in custody, for which we are grateful,” she said, “We have great confidence in Jack’s lawyers Mr Sheetal Kapila and Mr Andrew Wandabwa and that Jack will soon be back with us.”

Jack was finally granted bail today pending trial which will be set on a letter date.