Budalang’i families forced to camp at schools due to floods

Locals try to cross the flooded river Malakisi at Machakus bridge in Busia County
Busia County is among the regions that have faced flooding problems in the recent past.

Sixty families from Budalang’i constituency in Busia County have been forced to stay at a school, after their houses were flooded with water.

The residents mostly from Igigo say the water comes from the Bunyala Irrigation scheme at Rwambua, “The floods we have known for many years in Budalang’i are usually caused by river Nzoia which bursts its banks, but the floods we are currently facing are of water coming from Rwambua rice irrigation scheme whose canals are full.”

They fear being infected by various diseases including malaria, typhoid, Covid-19 and cholera, “We are crowded in classrooms and the hygiene is very poor. We fear we may die of various diseases.”

The victims are now appealing to the government to help them build new houses in raised grounds, provide them with relief food and seek ways to divert water from the scheme so that it does not find its way to their homes in future.