Bumula KCSE candidate scores B- after 12 years away from school

Celestine Nekesa (middle) with her family & elder sister
Celestine Nekesa (middle) with her family & elder sister

After the 2019 KCSE results were announced officially by the Minister of education Prof. George Magoha recently, the family of Elphas Walubengo in Syoya village Kabula ward, Bumula Constituency in Bungoma County are celebrating after Celestine Nekesa, his wife got a B- of 59 points in St. Jude Syoya Secondary School.

Celestine who did her KCPE in 2004 and got 344 marks, got married immediately due to lack of school fees to further her education in secondary school. She narrated how life was and decided together with her husband to join secondary school in 2016 after she had given birth to two boys one in 2007 and the second one in 2009.

She thanked God who gave her good health throughout her four years in school; she appreciated her husband who offered to pay her full school fees since form one till she completed her form four. Moreover, she was thankful to her mother-in-law who was patient and fine with her son paying school fees and running family errands during her school period. “I did my KCPE in 2004 and got married due to lack of school fees; life was tough and I thought of going back to school. I decided together with my husband to go back and in 2016 I was enrolled in form one here at St. Jude Syoya. I faced many challenges since people were laughing at me but I ignored them and focused on what had taken me back to class,” explained Nekesa.

“I thank God for enabling me reach this far, I would like to sincerely thank my lovely husband for giving me humble time during my studies, paying school fees for me, he has been the only support towards my education and taking care of our kids without complaining.”

Her husband, Elphas Walubengo said that as they got married he had told her that she should continue with her education once he gets money to pay her school fees. He visited the neighbouring school and talked to the Principal whether he could be given a chance for his wife to continue with her post primary education.

He revealed how challenging it was to prepare their children to go to school as their mother was waking up early to also go to school.

“I thank God because he blessed us with two children after we got married in 2004. I urge all men who have married girls who never completed their education to also copy my example and take them to schools since women once empowered can change the society,” said Walubengo, “I had challenges for four years since I was compelled to wake up early to prepare our children, prepare lunch for them, do home chores and look for the family’s daily needs,” he added.

He urged the County government of Bungoma and the Bungoma Woman Representative to stand and support them so that Celestine can continue with her university education.