Bumula leaders call for government help after heavy rains damage houses, crops

Residents' houses were destroyed due to the heavy rainfall
Residents' houses were destroyed due to the heavy rainfall

Leaders from Bumula Constituency in Bungoma County have urged the County government of Bungoma and other well wishers to support the residents whose houses, crops and animals were swept away by floods on Thursday night due to the heavy rains that are being experienced across the country.

Led by the area MP Mwambu Mabonga they said that despite the country and the county facing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the affected residents also need swift help during this rain and floods season.

 “There is a lot of concern, people’s houses have collapsed and as you know MPs have no emergency fund kit, it’s only by commitment according to one’s capability. We are going to visit those families that are affected so that we can assist where we can,” he said.

“I’m also appealing to the County government of Bungoma, I know they have a good amount of disaster and emergency funds, as much as we are concentrating on Corona we should also mind the lives of these people who are losing lives and their property in floods,” said Mwambu.

He however urged travelers using the Sirisia- Rwatama road to use alternative route after the Malakisi Bridge collapsed due the heavy downpours as he added that efforts to fix it are underway.

 “There is a lot of rain, people’s houses have been destroyed, and bridges too are impassable. As we speak the bridge joining both sides of Bumula-the Mayanja bridge- is impassable, the bridge at Malakisi that joins Bumula and Sirisia has collapsed. I have talked to KERRA because the Mayanja Bridge is under their authority, something is being done. We have a contractor on the site on Kimaeti – Mateka road, we are hoping that we will have separate contractors of building the bridge and constructing the road to reduce more tragedy,” stated the legislator.

“The Malakisi bridge is under KENHA, I have talked to the Regional Engineer of Kakamega and Upper Western Engineer together with my counterpart of Sirisia and they have promised that they are mobilizing resources so that they fix the bridge to help our people undertake their activities well,” he reiterated. “Therefore I urge our people to use other alternative way as we work on the bridge.”

Malakisi bridge that collapsed due to heavy rainfall

Kimaeti ward Member of the County Assembly Jack Wambulwa and his counterpart of Kabula Vitalis Wangila regretted the fact that people have been exposed to the cold throughout the night and the damage caused by floods and they told them to remain calm and patient as they are trying all efforts to see that are assisted.

“I take this opportunity to urge all well wishers; Red Cross, NGOs, other supporters, county government and national government to chip in and help our people of Bukirimo, Bitobo and Napara generally Kimaeti ward who were woken up yesternight by the floods that swept their houses, crops, animals and other households. As at now they have nothing since all their belongings were swept away, so even if the County government is concentrating on Corona I urge the Governor to come and intervene since floods have brought a lot of destruction to our people,” stated Wambulwa.

“Even if there is the spread of the Coronavirus and the county is trying efforts to curb its spread there are people who are also suffering after their houses were destroyed by heavy rains. My people in Syoya, Lukusi and other areas in my ward slept outside in the cold. If there is food that the county government promised to help needy families with as part of efforts to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is my plea that these people affected by floods be assisted too,” said Wangila. Therefore I urge the county government to support these families since as their MCA I have no kit meant for this but I can only help where I can,” he recommended. More than 20 houses were swept away.