Bumula residents to benefit in the Kenya Medical Training College to officially start in the area soon

Bumula MP Mwambu Mabonga addressing residents during the function
Bumula MP Mwambu Mabonga addressing residents during the function

As 9th August polls approach, Kenyans have been urged to elect development oriented leaders who have their needs at heart.

Addressing Bumula residents in a function of inspecting Bumula Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in Bumula Constituency, the chairperson of KMTC Board in Kenya, Ambassador Zachary Muburi Muita said as public servants they don’t involve in politics but work for Kenyans who pay tax as he added that they only work for the government of the day.

“We have brought a great message from Nairobi saying that we really support you for the good work you have done, this is a promising step of development you have made, as this project will be completed it will be of great benefit to your people. We want Bumula to be known in the whole country for having produced qualified medics,” noted Amb.Muita

“As government employees we don’t involve in politics but we encourage our students to elect development oriented leaders who can develop their regions for it is their duty instead of complaining,” he said

“We shall do all we can to see that this campus starts and picks up very fast,” promised KMTC chair

KMTC chair Ambassador Zachary Muburi Muita
KMTC chair Ambassador Zachary Muburi Muita

His sentiments were echoed by the area Member of Parliament Mwambu Mabonga who asked public servants who have left their mandate to work for Kenyans and decided to politicize to resign and join politics.

“Recently Defence CS was here and instead of telling my people how this college can fast start he comes and insults me, I want to tell you he was also an MP for five years just like me and if you want to know him better go to Saboti Constituency and inquire on what he did during his tenure, I have never known what he wants in Bumula?” Wondered Mwambu

“He has to come here and tell people that he is going to bring the Ksh 2 million that the President promised us in 2017 that will help in the construction of this college.” He asserted

“I want to tell him to stop interfering with the politics of Bumula, if he wants to vie for any seat then it is late since public servants who wanted to join politics resigned. I want to tell all civil servants who want to join politics to come and face me but not hide in public offices.” Affirmed Mwambu

The Bumula legislator said that the college will benefit the residents a lot as he urged those who live near the college to pave the way for its expansion as he promised to pay fees for the first group of students that will register to join the college.

“The first group to join this college when I will be re-elected God willing, all of them will get bursary from the CDF kitty and to the neighbours here be flexible in the agreement when we shall come to you, kindly cooperate and be realistic so that this place expands and our people get development,” stated Mwambu

“I have requested the chairperson that during the enrolment of students in this college Bumula people be given 30% and we have agreed on that,” Bumula legislator confirmed

Bumula Sub County Assistant County Commissioner Mrs. Linet Sikamoi stressed on the importance of peace, before, during and after election as he urged youths not to be used to causing chaos in functions.

She however, encouraged boda boda riders to register themselves in the ongoing nationwide exercise of boda boda registration.

She warned against disco matanga which she said is the cause of insecurity and brewing of illegal brew and added that whoever will be caught will be arrested and arraigned in court.

She told parents to be cautious and close with their children for the short time they will be at home for the half term and encourage them to prioritize education.

Bumula Sub County ACC Mrs. Linet Sikamoi
Bumula Sub County ACC Mrs. Linet Sikamoi

Former majority leader in Bungoma County Assembly and Bumula ward MCA Henry Nyongesa commended the construction of the college in the area and encouraged parents to take their children there as it will be opened officially after completion.

“There was a time the late President Mwai Kibaki began a Stimulus Program that was meant to benefit youths, when they came to medical field here in Bumula Constituency we searched for any youth who had a training in medical field, we found none, therefore,  giving us this college here has brought a solution and the narrative automatically has died and I know our people will get also employment in this college hence improve their livelihood,” Nyongesa said gratefully.