Bungoma Deputy Governor urges farmers to focus on coffee farming

Bungoma Deputy Governor Charles Ngome
Bungoma Deputy Governor Charles Ngome
Bungoma Deputy Governor Charles Ngome has urged farmers in the County to try out diversification and grow coffee, which he said has the best market since sugarcane farming is facing a lot of challenges. Speaking to Webuye East sub county residents, Ngome said sugarcane farmers have suffered a lot and urged them to set aside land to plant coffee, adding that there are twelve trained experts in the County who will be dispatched toe very constituency to educate farmers on the new coffee farming techniques and varieties.
He said Bungoma County has the best soil for coffee farmimg, and that the County government through the Agriculture Ministry will provide coffee seedlings to some farmers in every ward to boost it, affirming that farmers shouldn’t be wary of taking it up. He revealed that coffee from Bungoma had a great rating and as a reuslt can bring in sufficient income, better than maize and sugarcane.
He reiterated that the current life setting calls for diversification in crop farming because it will be the only way the household economy will be strengthened and even parents will receive boosts in their fees payment targets. Ngome pointed out that as a County they are steadfast in making sure the agricultural sector is kept on the right track and is the backbone of the economy in Bungoma.