Bungoma commissioner launches registration exercise

The exercise entails ID card, birth and death certificate registration for residents.

Bungoma county commissioner Maalim Mohamed dancing after the launch of the registration exercise.

The Bungoma County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed has launched a rapid identity card, birth and death certificate registration exercise for qualified residents.

This move is aimed at enhancing security of the Bungoma County, being one of the counties on the boundary of an international border,

In a stakeholders and residents meeting held at Ambich in Tongaren sub County Maalim said the exercise is aimed at helping genuine residents acquire the valid documents that identify them as Kenyans.

He called upon those who have attained the age of 18 years to ensure they apply to get identity cards which he says is a vital document to accessing crucial services and gives one the opportunity to vote.

Maalom in a jig with Soysambu MCA Gerishom Namasake among others

However he cautioned residents against pretending to be parents of aliens to help them acquire identity cards against the law saying the registration and security officers should be on high alert to avert the situation.

Maalim further called upon those who have attained the age of over 35 years without an identity card to also not shy away saying they will be properly scrutinized to ascertain the main reason why they did not get the cards on time and if their cases are genuine they will get the cards as well.

“I thank the registration departments in the County for their efforts to ensure the process is going on smoothly, as some Sub Counties have even surpassed the target we had set of having the youths register in large numbers to get identity cards,” he said

Maalim called upon those who had previously applied to collect their identity cards saying Bungoma has over 10,000 uncollected identity cards terming it a dangerous trend as people complain of not having identity cards yet they don’t collect them after applying for them.

Regarding the birth certificates he called upon parents to ensure they apply early for the document saying many parents wait until their children are about to sit for their KCPE examinations is when they rush to get the document.

Bungoma county commissioner Maalim Mohamed dancing after the launch of the registration exercise.

The County commissioner further called upon the security officers to intensify patrols across the county saying the residents are entitled to proper security during the day and night as it is their right provided for by the constitution.

His sentiments were echoed by Tongaren MP David Eseli Simiyu who called upon the residents to apply for the documents in time to avoid last minute rush saying his office has also been working hand in hand with the registration department office to ensure many eligible Kenyans get identity cards.

Soysambu MCA Gerishom Namasake proposed for another sub county to be created merging Tongaren and Ndalu divisions saying it has a deserving population to enable the residents access government services with ease because they travel for long to access the services elsewhere.

Namasake further urged the security department to intensify their patrols especially in his ward saying residents have been living in fear of attack from people perpetrating crime.