Bungoma county government on spot over poor roads

Sango bridge that was swept away by heavy rains more than seven months ago
Sango bridge that was swept away by heavy rains more than seven months ago

Malakisi residents in Sirisia constituency Bungoma County have vowed to hold peaceful demonstrations to express their disappointment on poor roads.

The residents led by former Malakisi councilor Mr. Jotham Kubeba Masinde said several roads and bridges have been swept away by floods making it difficult for them to travel.

He added that so far nothing has been done to Sango Bridge that was swept away more than seven months ago due to heavy rains.

The residents who depend on several roads to take their farm produce to the market to earn a living have registered a big loss due to poor state of the roads.

“The road has been passable until when rain started now it’s difficult even for a motorcycle to pass, so famers have been forced to look for alternative way to travel,” said Masinde

He accused the County government of Bungoma for neglecting the area  even after setting aside emergency funds to revamp the affected roads.

“I’m really disappointed in this government of Bungoma, Governor himself came here seven months ago during road mapping tour whereby we identified several roads to be worked on but unfortunately nothing has been done up to date” he said.

He too appealed to the national government through the ministry of roads to tarmac Kimaeti-Malakisi-Lwakhakha road so as to open up business with the neighboring country- Uganda and grow the economy.