Bungoma county government urged allocate more funds to grow young talents

Sirisia youth leader Rodgers Soita (centre)
Sirisia youth leader Rodgers Soita (centre)

The County government of Bungoma has been urged to increase the allocation of funds in its budget to nurture young talents.

Speaking in Namwela, Sirisia youth leader Mr. Rodgers Soita said the county government has been helping only few groups of young people especially during music festivals at the county level leaving so many talents in villages.

He said other co-curricular activities are being supported starting from the Ward level urging leaders including Members of Parliament and County assembly to assist the youths who have talents from the grass root.

“I want to urge our leaders to invest in the youths who are talented, we only give them support at the county level while forgetting that we have others in the village who are much talented and need help” said  Mr.Soita.

He appealed to the MCA’s to allocate reasonable amount of money in the budget so as to promote the youths especially with the introduction of the new competence based curriculum CBC by ministry of education.

“Academics are complemented by co-curricular activities, so I am urging parents to expose their children because they might get a chance to be among the people earning highly in the world” he said.