Bungoma County joins the World in commemorating the Day for the Elderly

Bungoma Deputy Governor Pst. Janepher Mbatiany giving blankets to the elderly
Bungoma Deputy Governor Pst. Janepher Mbatiany giving blankets to the elderly

As the World commemorates the International Elderly Day, the elderly women and men in Bungoma County  were overjoyed to celebrate this day by joining the World in celebrating the day in Bungoma airstrip grounds (Kiwanja Ndege), with the theme being “Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World”

The ceremony was attended by Bungoma Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany, Bungoma County Commissioner and all coordinators of Social Services in the County.

The ceremony was organized by Bungoma County State Department for Social Protection in partnership with Red Cross, KCB and Equity bank. Some services like medical check-up were put into consideration where chronic diseases were treated and drugs given.

The Deputy County Commissioner Christine Wafula Chacha thanked the elderly people for attending the event and said the day is marked to make sure the challenges they face are addressed and their well being is considered too.

“These elderly people are the reason everybody has reached today for their support they give to us, as children. The education they have ensured that children are in school is not easy, they are the ones who give pieces of advice in the community concerning various matters among them sexual immorality, family conflict and land disputes, therefore, as children we need to take good care of our parents without neglecting them to ensure they have access to basic needs like treatment, food and shelter if we need blessings from them.” Said Mbatiany

In addition, Her Excellency Deputy Governor ensured that as a County in collaboration with the national government will ensure the security of the elderly people is catered

The health team led by Doctor Ambrose Keya urged parents and care takers of the elderly people to make sure they have a balanced diet to make them remain health.

By Sarah Nandemu