Bungoma county residents urged to observe Covid-19 protocols


Bungoma county residents have been urged to strictly observe Covid-19 rules as required by the Ministry of health to avoid contracting the deadly virus.

Addressing the media in Sirisia, Cheptais Sub County cooperative director Mr. Eric Kibet Kiso said the numbers could even go higher if people will continue to flout the rules.

“This disease is not a joke, people are losing their lives day and night, so it is our responsibility to make effort and take care of our lives, let’s observe the ministry of health rules,” He said.

Mr. Kibet urged the residents to regularly wash their hands and wear recommended face masks to protect themselves from contracting the virus that has killed millions of people in the World.

He said all the annual general meetings that were scheduled to be done this week have been postponed after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive to prohibit political and social congregations of more than a hundred people.

“We will not continue with our meetings as we had planned earlier, this means we will revisit our program and reschedule it later after the new presidential directive,” Mr. Kibet said.