Bungoma County Roads CECM tells elected leaders to work for their people


Elected leaders have been urged to work for Kenyans by administering different development projects and stop politicking by giving empty promises.

Speaking in a funeral in Mwibale village East Sang’alo ward Kanduyi constituency in Bungoma County CECM for Roads and Infrastructure Collins Mukhongo stated that difficult life has led Kenyans to indulge in unlawful behavior.

“If you are in national government work for your people, as I was given this docket of roads ministry, I never waited for two years to elapse to start working for you, the little time you have been given do projects for people instead of politicking every day,” said Mukhongo

“We have to establish the pressure our youths are going through, many youths have gone to school, they have papers and they are suffering due to lack of employment and yet we have our leaders both in national and county government who are politicking day in day out and when elections come they come here and tell you that they are your own and you vote for them, I want to tell you that time for politicians to use Kenyans is over, people won’t live on  propaganda and promises you give them, we want development kindly, “ he asserted.

Bungoma County KUPPET treasurer Mrs. Rabecca Masibayi

Bungoma County KNUT Executive Secretary Kenneth Nganga told parents not to be lenient on their children but be close to them and advise them accordingly to curb indiscipline cases.

“We have abdicated our roles as parents we don’t have time for our children we pamper them so much, even if they are on the wrong we don’t correct them, we fear our kids and this will make us have a disorganized society in future,” said Nganga

Nganga either said that corporal punishment will never be returned in schools even if every person is talking about it, he criticized the Education Minister Prof. George Magoha for lying to Kenyans that learners were undertaking classes online when schools had closed due to Covid-19.

“Corporal punishment will never be easily returned in our Kenyan schools, it is a must that a bill is taken to the parliament, be passed and remember Kenya is a member of UN and UNESCO therefore signed convention, if it does not convince United Nations to return corporal punishment we are lying to ourselves,” he affirmed.

Bungoma County Roads & Infrastructure CECM Collins Mukhongo addressing mourners in Mwibale, East Sang’alo ward in Kanduyi Constituency.

“Minister of education lied to parents that children were having online classes, he said that 80% of our children were taking classes online it was pure lie, what children are doing in schools right now like burning of their dormitories is due to unpreparedness in their exams and an indication that they never had online classes while they were at home as schools were closed due to Covid-19,” added Nganga.

His sentiments were echoed by the treasurer of Bungoma County KUPPET Mrs. Rebecca Masibayi as she added that the society should take charge in disciplining children.

 “Those days when I was growing up, a child belonged to the society whereby any parent could discipline a child if found in mistakes unlike these days when you find yourself disciplining a child who is not yours the parent will take action, I think this has contributed to indiscipline cases among our children,”