Bungoma East OCPD affirms security team will be vigilant

Bungoma East OCPD Zacheus Ng'eno
Bungoma East OCPD Zacheus Ng'eno

Insecurity cases have been witnessed in Webuye and its environs since the beginning of the year, as a result of criminal gangs, with three ladies losing their lives in separate incidents after attacks. According to Peter Kunikina, a relative to an attack victim, the gang never steals anything, but they only rape and kill ladies, and the rising cases have caused sleepless nights for Webuye residents.

However, the Bungoma East OCPD Zacheus Ng’eno has revealed that his office has only received one incident of a lady who was killed by a gang, but promised to launch investigations in order to apprehend the culprits causing havoc. He assured Webuye residents, especially business people, that he won’t relent when it comes to establishing security and that his team will be vigilant.
He further lauded the good relationship and cooperation witnessed between the Bungoma East community during the festivities, but urged people to avail information about the gang that is toppling the peace in the area, and said the identities of the people who’ll cooperate will be kept confidential.