Bungoma Girl Guide conducts a peaceful walk in Webuye town

Students and pupils carrying placards.
Students and pupils carrying placards.

As an Election Day approaches, many leaders have been calling for peace before, during and even after the election and that has not been enough given the excitement and curiosity with which this transitional election is coming with.

Girl Guides from Bungoma County held a peaceful walk in Webuye town to sensitize the voters on the value of maintaining peace during this electioneering period.

Led by Bungoma county Girl Guide commissioner Mrs. Metrine Nafula Sanya who is also a teacher at Lugulu Day primary school in Misikhu ward in Webuye West Sub County, they walked in the whole of Webuye town and its outskirts preaching peace message.

Mrs. Metrine Nafula Sanya addressing the media.
Mrs. Metrine Nafula Sanya addressing the media.

Addressing the media after the peace walk, Mrs. Sanya said they decided to have the peaceful walk just to emphasize on the need of peaceful campaign after realizing that some parts of the County especially Tongaren constituency where political temperatures have started rising up and could easily plunge people to chaos that could affect the peaceful coexistence that has prevailed in Bungoma County for a long time.

“We hold this peaceful walk with realization that if we don’t maintain peace then our country will go back to 2007 where we lost many lives, many were displaced and up- to-date they have no place to call home, we are not supposed to go back to such days, we need to have peaceful campaigns now, during and even after election and it’s the responsibility of every Kenyan to maintain peace,” said Mrs. Sanya.

Mrs. Sanya said what happened in Tongaren constituency is uncalled for and appealed to political leaders to be sober and conduct themselves in a mature way.

Carrying placards with peace message they matched through the town going to different streets of Nyange, MTC, Kenya power/ Sweetwaters street singing songs of peace accompanied by Girl Guides from various schools amongst them Webuye DEB, Lugulu Day primary and secondary among others.

Webuye DEB secondary school teacher, Mrs. Phanice Shikuku called out youths to cease from being used by some self-centered politicians to cause chaos and said each person has a responsibility to maintain peace.

“Peace begins with you and me and so we call out every one to maintain it and especially to my fellow youths I ask you not to stoop too low and get 50 shillings and disrupt other people’s meeting or gathering, we need to understand that voting is only done in a day and we will still live like brother’s and sister’s, neighbors and friends so there’s no need to hurt each other on a one day event,” said Mrs. Shikuku.