Bungoma Governor promises to set up a recording studio for artists

Bungoma Governor with local musicians
Bungoma Governor with local musicians

Bungoma County government will partner with leading recording labels in the country to set up a music production studio for local artists in Bungoma, Governor Lusaka has said.

Speaking while meeting musicians from Bungoma who paid him a courtesy call at his Kamukuywa home, Lusaka said the production studio will bring a huge financial relief to localĀ  Litungu men and women who endure long distances and face many challenges while seeking to record their music outside the County.

He assured them of County’s support in nurturing talents and promotion of local content.

Lusaka regretted that while musicians play a crucial role in the society by even campaigning for politicians,most of them die poor.

” It is unfortunate that while most of you are famous you never live your name, I want to change this narrative,” said Lusaka.

He said he will ensure economic empowerment to musicians by ensuring they are also beneficiaries of tenders in the County.

“We want to empower you economically, we want you to engage in business,” Lusaka affirmed