Bungoma High School students had shown signs of discontent, says KNUT official after fire

Bungoma High School students at the scene
Bungoma High School students at the scene

Following the arson case at Bungoma High School early on Friday morning, KNUT Bungoma secretary Ken Nganga faulted the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for not acting when the signs of discontent from students were present since the beginning of the first term. Bungoma High School students torched a dorm, Shalom dorm, and although no student was harmed, property worth millions was destroyed, given that the firefighters arrived at the scene late.

Nganga said it’s disappointing when an arson case happens when the term is about to end and that it could’ve been avoided, “In my view, we would have avoided this disaster but it’s because of mix ups at the Teachers Service Commission, because students had earlier shown signs of discontent…showing they weren’t pleased with the school management,” he said. He revealed that as stakeholders in the County, they spoke to the director of TSC together with the Ministry, telling them to take action to make sure the school is secured.

The KNUT official said the Education Ministry should look for the students culpable and inquire why they were unwilling to talk to the school management, and that the school management should say why they didn’t address the students’ concerns. The students have previously faulted the new school principal Samuel Kaunda, of high handedness and have criticized the school’s direction under his guidance. Moreover, complaints have arisen concerning the state of the school’s infrastructure. The possibility of an electric fault was dismissed after it was noted that the fire engulfed the dormitory all of a sudden and wasn’t systematic.