Bungoma Knut council member eye slots at the top level of the union

Top Knut and Kuppet leaders during a function in Busia town
Top Knut and Kuppet leaders during a function in Busia town

KNUT officials in Bungoma County have urged members from other branches to elect officials that will restore sanity in the Union and bring back the lost glory.

Speaking at a delegation’s education meeting led by Ng’arisha SACCO in Busia the Bungoma branch official led by the chairman John Kikechi said as a branch they look forward to voting for officials that will revive the giant teachers union citing that the current officials have failed to live up the expectations.

His sentiments were echoed by other members who he was accompanied by including Bungoma North executive secretary Chrispinus Sifuna who said Knut is strong and will continue operating in the country while at the same time urging other branches to vote leaders who will bring the union’s glory days back.

“Somebody is trying to kill KNUT but he or she won’t succeed. The 62-year-old union won’t be killed just like that. There will be light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

We are presenting Kenneth Nganga at the National Executive council to represent Bungoma County and the larger Western region, we have Namisi and Wesonga eyeing the second vice chair person seat but I must reiterate that will only vote for leaders who have the interest of teachers at heart.

Bungoma West executive secretary Moses Masika called on all unionists in the region to unite and elect one of them to the national platform.

“We have the power to push for one of us to represent us in national politics. This way, we will get a chance to take over other regional seats,” said Masika.

At the same time Ng’arisha SACCO chairman Benedict Simiyu said that the Cooperative has grown from its inception as it boast  of more than 20,000 members calling up residents from Western region to join the SACCO as a sure way of improving their economic status