Bungoma leaders urged to preach peace during campaigns

Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi and Mihuu ward MCA Violet Makhanu in Misimo
Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi and Mihuu ward MCA Violet Makhanu in Misimo

Peace message prevailed in a funeral in Misimo, Mihuu ward in Webuye East Constituency as residents were urged not to accept to be used by politicians for their political and selfish interests.

Senate Speaker Kenneth Makelo Lusaka who is vying as Bungoma Governor urged all politicians to conduct peaceful campaigns without insulting their opponents.

Lusaka used the opportunity to woo Mihuu ward residents to elect him on 9th August as he promised to improve on what he did during his first term and what the recent Governor has done including increase of the number of farmers to get subsidized fertilizer and the number of scholarship beneficiaries.

His sentiments were echoed by Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Pepela Wanyonyi who is eyeing Webuye East parliamentary seat who encouraged Kenyans to elect leaders who are development oriented and those who can fight for their rights as he cited his participation in the Chetambe land issue and added that if given opportunity  to lead Webuye East he will ensure that homes in the area are connected to electricity and said when the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission will be reviewing boundaries he will try and see that Ndivisi ward is divided into two wards since it is among big wards in the County hence gets same allocation of funds like other small wards.

Mihuu ward MCA Violet Makhanu insisted on peaceful campaigns as she wanted her opponents to highlight what they have done for Mihuu people but not mentioning her name in every meeting they attend as if her name is part of their manifesto.

He rubbished off sentiments by nominated MCA Metrine Nangalama who said that all projects done in Mihuu ward are under Governor Wangamati as she said that without her, Wangamati couldn’t identify any project to be done in Mihuu, therefore wanted Ms. Nangalama to be appreciating other leaders efforts even if they differ politically.

Dr. Iyaya who is also vying for Webuye East parliamentary seat discouraged tribal sentiments and urged residents to elect him in the August polls as he said that the legacy of Hon. Sambu should be continued by a leader of his nature.

The funeral was also attended by Bungoma Governor Charles Ngome, Deputy Governor designate on DAP-K Evans Murumba, Webuye East ODM candidate Aggrey Namisi and other political leaders from the area.